As per our tokenomics, the transaction "tax" is fixed at 10% of the transaction value.

Here is an example: 

To join BARMY 10M HODLERS, you will need at least ~11,280,000 $BARMY to deposit into BSC Army Bot wallet on Telegram. The minimum amount of ~11,280,000 $BARMY is broken down into:

  • 10,000,000 $BARMY to join BARMY 10M HODLERS.

  • 10% “tax” on any transaction with $BARMY, which in this case is ~1,128,000 $BARMY. For more details on this tax, click here.

  • About ~150,000 $BARMY of transaction fee (according to current exchange rate of BNB/BARMY). The amount of $BARMY that is deducted for transaction fee is the equivalent of 0.00242 BNB, and the exact amount of $BARMY required depends on the exchange rate at that moment.

NOTE: So that your transaction can be processed more smoothly, please make each deposit to BSC Army Bot Wallet at least 500,000 $BARMY. If you do not have the minimum amount, you can buy $BARMY token on PancakeSwap.

Similar calculations are required for the transaction to successfully proceed.